Manage your parking facility from a cloud.


Parking facility management just got easier. With, you can monitor your facility from anywhere at anytime. And, do so with the peace of mind that your system is monitored 24/7, PCI Compliant and fully redundant. optimizes productivity, availability and security allowing you to focus on more important things, your business. – for your success!

Modern information technologies are making in-roads into many areas of everyday life, changing people’s communication needs and behaviours forever. When buying a mobile device, be it a smart phone or a tablet, no customer asks whether they will actually be able to operate the device. Their expectation is: to simply switch on the device and use the features and programs.
This is exactly the approach adopted by Scheidt & Bachmann with its for the parking sector. As with all other “Clouds” currently offered in the market, the focus lies in being able to use the car park management system application wherever you want.

Main advantage – location-independence

The car park management software runs in a completely new dimension as a high-availability and location-independent, browser-accessed service. Your car parks or facilities are connected to the data processing centre via a secure Internet connection. In this way you can control, monitor and supervise your facilities from wherever you want or even from a central point. A Cloud log-in is all that is required.

Efficiency Increase by Software Maintenance

Software up to date is significantly more powerful and efficient than software that is not updated. Like any software entervo parking management is well maintained, bugs are eliminated and improvements are constantly provided within the software release cycles. Of these, users will benefit from directly. New generations of software are not included and will be offered as an option.